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Operation KILLCEN Archive Mirrored To MEGA
Posted by Anonymous on Sun 4th Jan 2015 13:20
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  2.  Fascist politicians around the world, including within the United Nations,
  3. have called for not only restricting access to certain kinds of information
  4. but also banning freedom of speech. Operation KILLCEN will not stand for it.
  5. The operation went hot early 2013, day after day a different news website
  6. backup was mirrored to dozens of file hosts. Most of them being freelance,
  7. independent news websites that would most likley be targeted by fascists!
  9.  When the operation was complete, well over 4,000,000 news reports were
  10. mirrored to hundreds of file hosts ALL OVER THE WORLD! This was only the
  11. beggining though, get ready for another round soon! In the future, KILLCEN
  12. will be going hot all the time, without notice! The mirrors will never stop,
  13. new backups will continue and any lust for censorship is OVER! DONE! COOKED!
  15. 530 website archive backups, totaling 22.5 GB !!!
  19. By the way, look for a new Pirate Bay announcement February 1st, 2015.
  21.  By 2016, bitcoin will become a new common standard to protect you're wealth,
  22. as devalued fiat currency will slowly become a nightmare of the past.
  24.  Fascist censorship will be rendered obsolete, and the only way to stop us
  25. would be too drastic for any dictatorship to accomplish, which would be to take
  26. down the entire worldwide internet infrastructure as we now know it! Once
  27. mesh networking becomes fully public, there will be no way to do that either
  28. as decentralized nodes will replace use of the current central infrastructure.
  30.  And next up? Plastic and metal 3D printers to engineer and create you're own
  31. computers, you're own firearms, you're own car parts, you're own tools, etc.
  33. Please, tweet this post! Meanwhile, download and backup the full KILLCEN archive!
  35. 530 website archive backups, totaling 22.5 GB !!!

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